Joint Aid 4 Horses 10lb

Joint Aid 4 Horses 10lb

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The powerful, all-natural way to maintain joints and a good digestive balance

By including a natural oats oil extract called Oatinol™, Joint Aid 4 Horses helps your horse absorb joint ingredients more completely, making lower doses of Glucosamine and other harsh joint ingredients suddenly possible. The result? Fast acting, effective joint support at levels that are far more gentle to your horse’s digestive system.

Combining Oatinol™ with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Curcumin, Glutamine and MSM causes a unique synergistic effect that surpasses the use of any one of these individual active joint ingredients alone. But Joint Aid 4 Horses doesn't stop there... our unique formula also supports your horse's overall health too! 

The Many Benefits of Joint Aid 4 Horses:

  • Includes the necessary joint ingredients PLUS natural oat oil extracts to enhance effectiveness
  • Tasty, easy to use mini pellets that horses love to eat
  • Strong natural antioxidants for added immune system support
  • Multiple synergistitc ingredients to support natural anti-inflammatory processes and help maintin joint surfaces

Joint Aid 4 Horses contains the essential building blocks for natural replenishment and daily maintenance of your horse's joints, cartilage, and synovial fluids for maximum flexibility of movement. Moving with ease makes a more joyful horse... and a more joyful owner!

The Science Behind Oats

  • Added Antioxidants:  Oat extracts provide special antioxidants called tocotrienols, which are known to scavenge free radicals in the tissues, including those closest to your horse's joints.

  • Enhanced Absorption:  Oat extracts help your horse absorb significantly more of the active joint ingredients, thanks to the natural emulsifying effect of the inherent polar lipids and galactolipids. What do emulsifiers do? Think of cleaning a frying pan: with hot water you might get most of the dirt, but with a drop of soap, which is an emulsifier, you can clean the pan. Using a digestive emulsifier will help your horse absorb the maximum benefit of the active joint ingredients.

  • Good Digestive Balance: Joint Aid 4 Horses poses lower risk of gastric side effects and stomach upset. Why? Enhanced absorption makes it possible to use far lower levels of chondroitin and glucosamine than most other joint products, while still achieving desired results.

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